The Stunning World Behind The Scenes Of Henry Wilson


Henry Wilson is a designer based in Sydney, Australia. After graduating in Visual Arts (Woodwork) from The Australian National University in Canberra, Henry received the HSP Huygens Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies (Design) at The Design Academy Eindhoven.

In 2010, Henry set up a research and conceptual design studio, producing products, furniture and interiors that are considered and durable, with a focus on honest resolutions and longevity. “For us, beauty is a resolved outcome. The execution of the design should tell the story of its process and function.” As a multi-disciplinary practice, Henry Wilson Studio takes on human-centred design projects both large and small across the world. Since its inception, the Studio has collaborated with Google, Aesop, PaperForm, Supercyclers, 19 Greek St and Akin Creative.

Henry Wilson Studio is based in Sydney, Australia. Its products and furniture are distributed internationally through Matter in New York and Very Good & Proper in London.

Up close and personal with designer, Henry Wilson

A few examples of his beautifully designed products, furniture and interiors:


A Joint, Polished Aluminium, unites simple function with limitless form. Use it to make anything you like.


Fin Bookend, arrive with a bright finish but will oxidise and darken over time to reveal a distinctive patina.


A3-Joint Mini Stool, is a complete self assemble stool kit. It is so intuitive to put together it is sold without instructions.


Leather Desk Mats, Tan/Black
It's the most minimal way to introduce this ‘living’ material into daily life, the desk mat is a warm, inviting element that very simply elevates the experience of sitting at a desk.

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