How To Start A Clothing Company: Interview With Alejandro Giraldo, Velmost

Velmost is a project based on the dreams that we all have but are afraid to follow.

We asked Alejandro Giraldo, illustrator, graphic designer and creator of Velmost, five questions to find out more about his creative process.

First up, where did the idea of starting your company come from, and what kind of background story does it have in terms of getting off the ground?

Well, building a clothing company was my dream since I studied my degree in graphic design, but I felt that I didn't have enough experience to start my own business. So after a few years of working for different clothing companies I decided to start my own. I wanted to mix my passions: fashion, illustration, typography and one of the most important things to me: the sea. After creating a long business plan (and using all my savings) I created Velmost, which I don´t see as a clothing company but as a project to inspire people and to create what makes me happy.

Being a business must have it’s ups and downs, what are some of your biggest learning curves and successes?

One of my biggest learning curves is understanding that people don't want a t-shirt, they are looking for a history behind it and a lifestyle concept.

For me, the word "success" is to see people on the streets wearing my tees, and telling me how happy they are with the brand. Another big success, is getting in touch with a lot of creative people, with whom I make the photographs, videos and look-books. And, talking about curves, the process of manufacturing a tee is rough because I have to deal with a lot of suppliers. Also, we see the brand as a hand-made brand, so we like to make everything by hand, and it takes a lot of time. My family plays a big role here.

Interview with Alejandro Giraldo Velmost

Influences… who and what are they, and which one would you say has been the biggest player in your career to date?

One of my big influences is the sea, I think I could not live without it. Talking about Velmost, the sea, and everything that surrounds it, plays a big role in conceptualisation, graphics, packaging, and photographs.
I´m also influenced by a lot of things during my creative process. Talking about places, I can tell you that Barcelona changed my life, and my point of view of design and fashion. Barcelona is such an amazing city that really takes my breath away. And my biggest player in my career to date is my family, their support has helped me to build who I am today.

Interview with Alejandro Giraldo Velmost

Do you have an office, studio, garage you work from?

I have a home based studio. It´s located in my room. I´m also a freelance illustrator, so I split my time between my brand and my freelance work.

How did you get your first online sale? What sort of a moment was that?

I got my first online sale after a week of setting up my SupaDupa store. It was amazing, I couldn't believe it. The client was from Bali (that´s so far away from me!) he ordered two tees. Such a great moment for Velmost - I will never forget it.

Interview with Alejandro Giraldo Velmost

How have you found setting up your online store with SupaDupa?

Setting up my SupaDupa store was the easiest thing I've ever done. It took no time, you don't have to know about codes and web design (boring stuff). The client support is amazing. Issues are resolved in just seconds.

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