SupaDupa at Number 10!

SupaDupa was one of 20 start-ups who was given the chance this week to give an essence of their experience as an upstart to the government. We were absolutely thrilled to be there and be able to voice our opinion on how the government could help small and medium sized businesses thrive in the current economic climate.

SupaDupa at Number 10

Failure to launch...

Guy Schragger, founder of global e-commerce template platform SupaDupa agreed:

“We need to change the culture in the UK around entrepreneurship. In the UK failure is discouraged. In the US it’s encouraged.”

Alex Dunsdon, from London-based tech accelerator The Bakery, said: “We are seeing more people who have already had careers and are asking us ‘how do I get out of my job’. We’re seeing a trend of people wanting to do something that they love.” But how do entrepreneurs gather the information and support they need to make doing what they love a success – as well as tackle the inevitable tax return?

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