Making it blue-tiful


A SupaDupa palette of blue.
From car wheels to headphones, it all looks blue-tiful.

I realise that's it's seen as typically British to talk about the weather. However, the UK has just been treated to THE WETTEST JANUARY ON RECORD. We've been pretty lucky here in London but many areas of the UK have seen severe floods for the last month. So, we think it may be time for some blue sky and dry weather. If we all concentrate on this beautiful palette of blue, collated from SupaDupa shops, we may just bring back the sun. Com’on. We're ready.

1.Ocean' Watercolour & Ink
2.Barnie Bunny
3.Lounge Chair
4.Blue Flower' Card
5.Indigo Tote
6.Faded Tee
7.‘Ashton Lane' Card
8.‘Bonjour' Brooch
9.‘Bikes' Ltd Edition Print
10.‘Blues' Watercolour & Ink
11.'Purse' Magazine Rack
12.Blue Ink Pad
13.Blue Headphones
14.Typography' Towe

By Lee