Spring's in the Air

Stop hibernating. Get pampering.

Try Ambre rosemary, thyme & mint bath oil. Yum! And when you can drag yourself away from your soothing soak, dry yourself off in a hand embroidered towel from the creative team at Trésor. The start of spring makes me want to look after myself in a really healthy way. It's a time for new growth, fresh scents, wheeling that dusty BMX round the skate park wearing your floral helmet from Sawako Furuno (well - not me personally - it's safer for everyone if I remain with my feet nailed to the ground), long lullaby days, bursting cherry blossom buds, ... Also, send a friend a card - just to say 'howdie' - from the selection at Mellybee, then treat yourself to a fine cuppa, alfresco, served in a Yas-Ming ceramic mug. You deserve it.

By Fede