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Take your designs to the world with a stunning, deliberately simple, online store.

Every detail of each store design has been handcrafted by our award winning design team because your work deserves nothing but the best. We want to help you to reach more people, and to get your art (whatever form it takes) into the hands and hearts of your customers.

We are a small London based team of designers and engineers. We decided we wanted to change the world, or at least a little corner of it, during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.
Until then we’d been working for fifteen years with global brands and household names to create their beautiful and sophisticated five and six figure eCommerce websites. Every day we’d get emails from designers, creators and entrepreneurs of all kinds asking the same question.

“How much would it cost to get us online with a beautiful site like that?”

The answer was, a lot. Five figures minimum. More than most fledgling design businesses could afford. We hated turning away people with great ideas, gorgeous products and wonderful stories to tell and ironically the Global Financial Crisis was our wakeup call.

The British High Street began to disappear before our eyes and more entrepreneurial and creative people began to want to take control of their own destiny. They didn’t just want to do work that mattered, they wanted to build a business around their passion. They wanted to connect with their customers directly and to live out their dreams. Watching this unfold was our epiphany. It dawned on us that we could be the catalyst for all of that if we could build a platform that could help more people to take their work to the world.

So we set out to democratise what we had been doing for the big brands. We set out to create the world's most beautiful and easy to use eCommerce platform. A place where designers could set up their very own store and be proud to showcase and sell their work; a stunning, easy to use platform at an affordable price.

We wanted to help you to take your designs to the world and to bring the world to you.
Your hopes and dreams is what SupaDupa is all about.

We didn’t set out to build something for everyone, our job is not to appeal to the most people, it’s to create a place for the people who care about the things we care about, like beauty, truth and making things to love, with love.

So we made SupaDupa for you. We built features into SupaDupa so that you could spend less time administrating and more time creating. It’s stunningly, deliberately simple, built to work and designed to love. We are so proud to be helping style conscious, detail obsessed people, in 151 countries around the world from London, New York to Sydney, Milan and Paris to build a successful business around the things they most love to do and live out their dreams doing work that matters.

We’re so excited to have you join us, and them.

Take your designs to the world.

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