3 Top Design Tips To Increase Conversion


When you start your own online store, the design process can be a minefield. You need your site to look good but it must also be easy to navigate and generate sales.

So here are three handy tips guaranteed to boost your online store's conversions:

1. The Big Picture

Large images are a must for online stores. When you sell online a large, high-resolution image is the closest a customer will get to your product, so it is an essential tool for showcasing your work and getting customers to connect with what they see.

According to Remove The Background, three quarters of people surveyed said that image quality is the most important feature when shopping online.


Mury a SupaDupa store selling a stunning range of handbags has truly got the most out of her store by using crisp large product images to showcase her designs.

* Top Tip

When using JPEG, PNG or GIF images for your online store they should ideally be 1024px wide. If you can, make sure that your photos are all the same size and orientation because they’ll look better together side by side in a grid.

* Master Class Tip!

You can re-name your image files so that customers can more easily find you on Google! - Find out more

2. The BUY Button

The 'BUY' button is THE button to make sure online shoppers become buyers. If your 'BUY' button merges in with the rest of the site then you could be losing sales. Make sure it stands out in a contrasting colour that matches your site's theme.


SupaDupa store, The Ndau Collection - a Zimbabwean design house specialising in the creation of unique African jewellery, has a simple design but its 'BUY' button stands out in a bright green colour; you can't miss it!

3. Predictive Searching

The search box is vital tool when you create an online store and predictive searching is a great way to make sure customers find what they want straight away.

As a customer types in their search term, the closest match is displayed automatically and search results are shown in real time. According to Baymard, 82% of the top grossing ecommerce platforms use predictive searching.


A great way to boost conversions for your business and heighten site engagement is to offer more than just what your customer is looking for by predicting what they look for next! Emile Viidal Carr a London based designer has done exactly this by taking advantage of the predictive search tool..

Turn On Your Predictive Search In Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Log into your SupaDupa admin panel
2. Go to Products
3. Change "Enable predictive search" to "green (yes)"

-Available only on the Cod plan and above


Yep. It's as easy as that. You're done!

It's easy to get lost in a sea of shop themes and forget the purpose of an online store: to sell. While many ecommerce platforms focus on snazzy designs, here at SupaDupa we can guide you through customising your themes to get the highest conversion rate.

Useful Resources

Remove the Background
A great product image editing service.

The Baymard Institute
Conducts research studies on the ecommerce market.

By Fede