Full screen background videos

Background videos’ are hot off the press!

Why? Because we love the way videos bring a new vitality to any brand through motion. Well now you can upload your videos as .MP4 and have them play out with the all new full screen mode while still overlaying them with text and call to action buttons.
Watch this quick video example to learn more about full screen video backgrounds:

and ...there’s more:

  • Image upload now supports .SVG file formats for retina sharp images, sliders and logos
  • Create your own URL slugs for pages
  • Animated banner slider overlays - add text and buttons to any slider in pages
  • Quick image replace button in slider images for better workflows
  • Ability to create splash pages (now not limited to private mode)
  • Font previews in pages when selecting a typeface from the drop down
  • Full screen formats now extended to images, sliders & .MPG video
  • Stacked columns controller for responsive pages. Set your mobile stack to 1, 2, or 3 up
  • Preview your page as it would appear on mobile via a 'Mobile' preview
  • Set text for mobile. Desktop text and mobile text can be different. Set it as you want it to appear exclusively on mobile via mobile view
  • Search results have been paginated
  • Ability to limit Orders file exports to NEW orders only

SupaDupa Ambassadors, high fives... - your commission earned and number of people referred stats now show in ‘Refer others’ section in Settings>Refer Other

By Fede