Let's Party In The USA!

"Can all passengers for flight BA183 to New York, please make your way to Gate G7"- "Yay! That's us!" I screeched as I jumped for joy and began an epic moon walk towards the plane. The excitement was too much for me to control. Finally! A destination ticked off my bucket list.

First stop. Katz Delicatessen. Oh yes! I'd been dreaming about my first mouthwatering bite into the legendary pastrami sandwich everyone talks about. Wow was it sensational! Every bite was like a burst of happiness in my mouth. All I could hope for was that I didn't sound like 'Sally' as each bite turned into an intergalactic orgasmic experience.

America. One of my most favourite cosmopolitan countries. From breathtaking sceneries and incredible music, to outlandish fashion wear like bright super fly hats. You can never seem to get bored with the States. Treat your loved ones with something ultra cool this Independence Day and celebrate America's Birthday in style!