Help your customers find what they are looking for in your store.

New feature announcement! Predictive Shop Search for your store.

Predictive shop search for customers

We are pleased to announce a brand new shop feature to the SupaDupa über simple eCommerce platform.

Predictive Shop Search allows real time product search in your back office and now it’s ALSO available to customers in your store.

This new feature means zero guesswork for customers and gives them new ways to discover the products you sell.

Once enabled, whenever a customer types a keyword or phrase in your boutique’s search box Predictive Shop Search will automatically kick in and start pulling in results based on your product data.

Customers don’t need to type the entire keyword while searching. They will be presented with a list of product suggestions matching their keyword or phrase as they type. These auto suggestions appear with corresponding thumbnail images showing a list of products that best match their search terms.

Customers love crazy lazy search.
It’s reassuringly simple, predictably smart.

According to the MarketingSherpa Ecommerce Benchmark Report, “customers who use the search box on ecommerce sites convert at nearly three times the rate of general browsers.”

Enabling your shop search is automatic.

Once you have switched your ‘Customers can search?’ toggle to YES you don’t need to do anything. You can find this toggle in the Products tab of your SupaDupa back office.

Predictive Shop Search will start indexing your products as soon as it is enabled. The index will continue to check every 3 minutes for any changes you might be making to your product catalogue or within each of your products’ data.

What can customers search on?

Customers can search on all products that are set to be visible in your store.

The product information read by the search includes:

Product name
SEO keywords

  • Shop Search Words Product Code Product variation options Collection names *We have also added a special new field to the product information called:

‘Shop Search Words’
The ‘Shop Search Words’ field - what’s it for?
The Shop Search Words field allows you to add extra keywords and phrases which are not already covered in your ‘Product name’, ‘Description’, ‘SEO keywords’, ‘Product code’, ‘Product variation options’ or ‘Collection name’ fields.

The idea behind these additional words is to add an extra layer of product discoverability to your store.

The keywords or phrases that you enter into this field allows your customers to discover your products using additional words that would not otherwise be covered in the visible parts of your product data.

Typical use cases for ‘Shop Search Words’ might include:

Adding generic keywords that might not otherwise be a desirable addition to your Product names or Descriptions.
i.e. If you’re selling jewellery you might not want to include all of the materials used in the piece as part of its’ name or description. But customers might still search for ‘Alabaster’ or ‘Silver’.
Classifying products in more literal or explicit ways.
i.e. An illustration or Art Piece can contain; Birds, Trees and Clouds, or can be classified as Happy, Sad or Rude.
Using colour or material as a searchable attribute
i.e. Products can have additional Shop Search Words added to them which might describe their colour, material or style which can help your customers find items matching those attributes. Searching on ‘red’ for instance can show customers all your products which share the attribute red.
Using your own synonyms to catch customer interest
Not every type of product can be described in the same way to different people.
Some say ‘Snapback’, others say ‘Cap’, and some others still might say ‘Hat’.
Shop search words can be used to include all possible alternatives making the results relevant to any type of customer.
Predictive Search is also enabled in your back office. It’s now easier to search for products, when organising your backoffice which means managing your shop now takes less time.